An EV Charger Installation Odyssey

For the last year, I've contemplated installing an EV charger in my multi-dwelling condo. Mind you; I don't yet have an EV. But I have friends with EVs who frequently visit, so I figured it could be beneficial and convenient for others.

The IIHS isn't alone in finding gaps in consumer understanding of the capabilities of driver-assistance technology. Studies by J.D. Power have yielded similar results.

The innovative Phononic EV might be driving a new solution to deliver groceries efficiently and sustainably and, at the same time, rival Amazon’s planned aerial grocery delivery drone package delivery system.

At Intel’s Mobileye facility in Israel I saw a future that suggests that a combination of electric cars and autonomous driving will lead to a far better personal transportation future. Let’s talk about that this week.

The Lucid Air and the coming SUV code named Gravity, due in 2024, appear very different from every other car on the road, including Tesla. Let’s talk about the future of electric cars. Then we’ll close with my product of the week: an update on the Bartesian robotic bartender by, no kidding, Blac...

Let's talk about what's really involved with switching to electric cars. Then we'll close with the product of the week, a laptop from Vaio that showcases just how much you can get for under $700 -- at least for now.

Getting low-income drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases in the coming years, according to a new report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation.

Last week was BlackBerry’s annual analyst summit. Since BlackBerry’s tools and QNX operating system are expected to be heavily used in the next generation of cars, this event often provides a view into the future of automobiles.

I was at Dell Technologies World 2022 last week. Often, I’m not very excited about anything on the showcase floor at events like this, but DTW has been the exception. So, I’m going to tell you what you missed.

Delivery drones will be buzzing the Texas skies beginning Thursday, April 7. Wing, which is operated by Google's parent company Alphabet, will launch the first commercial drone delivery service in a major U.S. metropolitan area.

Nvidia's GTC conference last week was amazing. What Nvidia does that no other vendor seems to get is use their technology to craft the keynote. Instead of watching a boring talking head, you get to see the benefits of their latest technology used and demonstrated virtually.

Technology to reduce road deaths to zero is at hand, according to research results by Neural Propulsion Systems. Based on principles from physics and information theory, it is possible for sensors to see well enough to enable zero roadway deaths," said NPS CEO and founder Behrooz Rezvani. "This is n...

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is at risk for doing the right things while CEOs who are behaving badly enjoy incredible financial rewards. It seems like we are rewarding the wrong behavior. Let's talk about that this week, and we'll close with an offering announced last week which focuses on wireless charg...

Jaguar is a company that believes in cars you drive, not cars that drive you. Thus, last week's announcement that Jaguar and Land Rover would adopt Nvidia's full stack of technology for automated driving is fascinating because Jaguar and Land Rover will be using the tech to make driving safer while ...

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